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Choosing your carpet

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Before choosing the carpet style and fibre for your room, first read our Top Tips for buying the right carpet:


  1. Consider the area and AMOUNT OF WEAR it will receive, Lounge’s Dining rooms and stairs will receive more wear and general soiling than Bedrooms. Be prepared to spend more of your budget on buying a durable, resilient carpet for these areas.
  2. Get your room PROFESSIONALLY MEASURED by our in house Estimator, who will help you to achieve the most cost effective way to carpet your home.
  3. Borrow carpet SAMPLES of the styles you like, look at the colour in daylight and the artificial light of the room to make sure it is what you want.
  4. Choose a good quality UNDERLAY, this will help prolong the life of your carpet. Have your carpet fitted by our professional fitters
  5. Take a look at our maintance guide in order to keep your Carpet looking good for many years to come.
  6. To avoid seams in wider rooms all our loop and twist pile carpets are made in 5 metre & 4 metre widths.





A twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. Twist piles are produced in both plain and heather designs which give a mottled two tone effect


In a loop pile carpet the yarn forms loops on the surface of the carpet, either in uniform height, creating a level loop pile, or with differing heights creating a textured loop pile. Variations include a rustic style loop known as a Berber carpet. Wool loops can give added comfort, warmth and durability of natural wool.


Saxony carpets are made with a longer denser pile which make up a luxurious deep and softer pile effect.

  • It has more resilience than most other carpet fibres because of the high degree of 'natural crimp' in the fibre, which helps it withstand heavy pressure and footfall, maintaining the appearance of the carpet over longer periods
  • It has natural insulating properties, which reduce heat loss and reduce noise, providing improved air quality and a comfortable home environment.
  • It is naturally flame resistant and produces less toxic fumes than most other household materials.
  • Carpets using natural Wool fibres is easily maintained, has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to it's natural oils and responds well to cleaning